puppy training tips
puppy training tips

Training a puppy takes time and patience. It seems to be a career that you really have to devote your time to. If you keep a puppy at home, and you want to personally train your pet, this page could help. Below are reminders that you must bear in mind as you house train your pup!


•             Understanding the behavior of the dog is one vital thing you must be aware of. Remember that dogs are not able to discern what is right and what s not. After all, they are not humans. What they recognize is what is safe and what is dangerous.


•             Begin with setting up a schedule for your puppy. For instance, schedule the feeding during the house training process. This will surely make your efforts more successful.


•             During the first day f having your new puppy, have it explore the house. It seems that you are having housebreaking for your pet. This must be done immediately. After doing such activity for him to get familiar with the new place, provide you puppy a drink of water and then take it ut of the house for some relief.


•             Have a selected area for your puppy to go. The puppy must know its place in your house. This is one good way to train your puppy so that he will know where to go in case of several circumstance like when it has to play or to sleep.


•             Of course, you would like your puppy to learn other things aside from eating, sleeping, and playing around. As you go on teaching it several tricks like following a command from you, praise it excitedly and positively. The puppy would feel the appreciation you give when it does things right!


•             Cleanliness matters not only for you and your house but also to your puppy. Make sure to maintain clean house and refreshing smell of the house. It is your duty to train your pet for cleanliness.